AWE395 Global Anti Goal – NEW FOR 2021

Since its first release in 1972, the ‘Anti Goal’ has set the benchmark production with innovative design, internationally for quality, design, durability and innovation.

Indeed, to date the ‘Anti Goal’ is the longest and best selling Polo Goal in the world, exported to over 70 countries since 1972.

The 2021 release of the ‘Global Anti Goal’ represents the culmination of 50 years of experience in Goal innovation, design and production, drawing on a long and rich Anti Wave tradition.

The Global Anti Goal is quite simply the finest Goal available today, using the finest materials and production processes, now available for Global pools and clubs.


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Anti Global Goal Spec Sheet Pdf: Click Here

The Global Anti Goal blends cutting edge materials and production with innovative design, resulting in a light weight, heavy duty, compact, full sized Polo Goal that meets the needs of all Clubs and Facilities around the world.

The Goal is designed and produced in Australia to the highest specifications, using the highest quality components and materials for many years of service and use.

Each component and fitting has been carefully selected and tested for maximum durability and longevity, even under the toughest player and environmental conditions.
















































































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Anti Global Goal Spec Sheet Pdf: Click Here


• Fabricated from custom powder coated aluminium extrusions with marine Nylon and SS316 Fittings.

• Light weight, heavy-duty compact design and construction.

• Total weight of AWE392 is 27kg. Total weight of AWE394 is 29kg. Safe and simple movement and storage.

• Compact light weight Shipping dimensions ensure efficient Global Air and Land freight.

•  Front Frame dimensions for both models are 3000mm x 900mm FINA Regulation.

• Available in 1.2m (AWE392) and 1.4m (AWE394) Goal depth configurations, to suit the needs of all pools. (1.4m              Model meets current FINA Specification for Competition Goal.)

• Durable oversized HD PE Flotation elements rest on the pool concourse, ensuring no damage to pool edge and tiles,      or scraping of the Goal body during Install or removal.

• Easy to install newly redesigned Marine Nylon Net-Clips for quick and simple Net installation.

•  Long-Life Net is Heavy Duty Net tested to tough Australian conditions.

• Marine Nylon Pool Edge bumpers on rear of frame prevent chipping of pool tiles and guttering when installing and            removing from pool.

• 1.4m Depth Model meets all current and relevant FINA and LEN competition specifications.

• Foldable, take down design for compact and safe poolside storage.

• Thick and comfortable hi-vis external carry handles ensure safe deck movement.

• Nylon Pool edge bumpers on Rear of Goal prevent chipping of pool tiles and guttering.

• Open corner net configuration to reduce ball rebound.

• Comprehensive list of spare parts available.

• All parts designed and produced in Australia.

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Youtube Intro Vid:

Anti Global Goal Spec Sheet Pdf: Click Here

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