When Performance counts, Pools choose Anti Wave equipment.

Anti Wave are global leaders in the design, innovation and supply of Competition Swimming, Water Polo, Pool Deck, Leisure and Pool Programming equipment.

Anti Wave has a long and tested history with over 50 years of aquatics innovation and global supply.

Anti Wave products are designed and tested in Australia, and produced to withstand the toughest environments and conditions around the world, for many years of reliable service and enjoyment.

With a focus on constant innovation and product development, Anti Wave has a long and rich history in the supply of top performance aquatic equipment to aquatic clubs and facilities around the world, as well as the many important smaller school and training incubation facilities, which are the back-bone of aquatics around the world.

Anti Wave competition swimming and polo equipment was first used at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972. Anti Wave Water Polo Goals, the original model of the Anti Goal, was first Patented by Anti Wave in 1974. 

The Anti Wave MAXI and MIDI Swimming Racing Lanes were developed for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and have been widely selected around the world by top performance aquatic facilities since. Anti Wave MAXI and MIDI racing lanes have undergone continual improvement and product development, in order to maintain their leading edge as the highest performance racing lane available today.

Today Anti Wave equipment is selected at top clubs and aquatic facilities globally, and the Anti Wave brand is highly regarded and recognised around the world for innovative designs, highest product quality and best global availability and service.

Anti Wave specialises in complete aquatic facility fit-outs for Competition Swimming, Pool Deck, Water Polo, and Pool Programmability equipment such as Overflow Pool EndWall Systems, FRP Submersible SwimWall Systems, and FRP Moveable Bulkheads, all produced in accordance with current FINA Regulations.

With our long history in the provision of top performance aquatic sports, leisure, and pool programming product design and manufacture, Anti Wave is well positioned to meet the needs of a dynamic and exciting industry.

Anti Wave products are distributed globally via an established network of Authorised Resellers and Distributers, as well as dedicated long term local Licensed production and distribution of key products, ensuring the best possible service and availability world-wide.

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Anti Wave is proud to announce that our longtime partnership with USA Water Polo has been renewed for the period 2020 through to 2024. Anti Wave is the Official Polo Field and Polo Goals of USA Water Polo, and Anti Wave is proud to continue its long term support of the development of Water Polo in the USA.

“Over the years, Anti Wave’s insightful understanding of water polo in the United States has positioned them as the best-in-class provider for water polo fields and goals. We look forward to collaborating with AntiWave, as we continue our growth efforts in traditional water polo, beach and open water,” added Nancy Atufunwa, USA Water Polo Director of Marketing.











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Anti Wave products are world-renowned for their first class innovative design, highest quality and durability.

Anti Wave has Licensed Production in 9 countries and Authorised Distribution in 20 countries – meaning that you are sure to find our products with the highest level of professional service, reasonable prices and top level of customer support near you.

Patented products and designs include performance swimming racing lanes, storage reels, competition waterpolo goals and equipment, high performance swimming starting blocks, custom pool bulkheads and swim walls, overflow pool gratings, stainless steel pool fittings, leisure equipment and more.

Anti Wave is committed to continual product development and innovation, with emphasis on the design and production of the world’s finest performance aquatic, leisure and pool programming equipment.

We simply love to design and produce the worlds finest performance aquatics equipment.


The Anti Wave Story

The Anti Wave Story (Link to SwimSwam Article Feb 2021):

Anti Wave Founder, Anti Kajlich, played Polo as Goalie for Czechoslovakia as a young man, until defecting from the Communist regime for the United States in 1967, where he studied Chemical Engineering at University of California Berkley, gaining a sports scholarship, going on to be selected for the ‘All American’ Team as Goalie in 1967.

Drawing on his Engineering experience, while playing Goalie in US Polo competitions, Anti Kajlich saw a market for the production of Polo Goals, and produced in his Garage what became the Munich, 1972 Olympic model of the Anti Goal.

The rest, as they say, is history, and Anti Wave is now the world premiere aquatic equipment designer and innovator, and Anti Wave equipment exported to over 150 Countries since 1972.  Anti continues to play FINA Masters 70+ Polo with his team winning the Gold Medal in 2014.

Today Anti’s son Anton continues on the tradition of Anti Wave, with a renewed focus on product development and increasing the global availability and distribution of all products. A previous Australian Youth Goalie, Anton brings over 25 years of experience in the aquatics industry.  With an extensive knowledge and experience of the aquatics industry, Anton has been the driver behind recent successful product innovations such as the 2021 Released Global Anti Goal, now exported to 45 Countries since release 2021.

Anton says “The Anti Wave story and company history is based on continual innovation and product development, and working towards the best possible global availability and service for all clubs and pools from the smallest facilities right up to key international events; we continue that history today with a diverse range of new products and ongoing research and development activities to keep Anti Wave at the forefront of design and innovation in the sector. We keep the needs of all clubs and facilities in the front and centre of our mind in all that we do, and we proudly maintain strong connections to ground level swim and polo teams, clubs and pools around the world; the original incubators of so much global talent, which are often forgotten or looked over by the larger aquatics organisations.’

Anti Wave’s product range and innovation sees it as the worlds leading producer, and key innovator of Swimming Racing Lanes, Polo Goals, Polo Field, Polo Competition Referee Walkways and Ball Starting Devices, as well as Starting blocks, and also providing a wide range of Innovative Pool Deck, Pool Management and Pool programming products.

The Anti Wave MAXI Swimming Racing lanes were designed specifically for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, where they contributed to one of the ‘fastest pools’ in competition history. The Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lane has undergone continual and significant design improvements since its inception, and Anti Wave Racing Lanes continue to prove themselves as the worlds most popular top performance competition & training swimming racing lane system. 


The latest models of the Anti Wave MIDI and MAXI Swimming Racing Lanes lead the world in their sophisticated innovative wave minimising design, highest quality materials and production, and unmatched world wide availability and selection in top performance pools and aquatic facilities around the world include FINA and equivalent competitions.




The 2021 released Global Anti Goal provides all clubs and pool around the world with a top quality premium full sized Polo Goal. Made in Australia, and shipped globally door to door by discount Air Courier direct to clubs and pools.  So far the Global Anti Goal has been shipped to 45 Countries and has quickly become a global favourite for training and competition facilities alike.

The Global Anti Goal is the Official Polo Goal of USA Water Polo, and featured at the 2022 USA Water Polo Junior Olympics in Irvine California, USA. Also selected by top clubs and facilities in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Gulf.

ELITE WATERPOLO CAMP 2021 - matteo HR- foto Scarfì-Rinaldi - 265

Product Innovation & Availability:

Anti Wave’s continual focus on innovation and product development keeps Anti Wave at the front of the pack when it comes to design, function and product quality.

We continue to extend both our product range and innovations, and also our increased product availability and distribution around the world, for all clubs and pools to enjoy.

The Anti Goal, available today as the Anti Pro Goal and SNR/JNR Folding Goal models, has undergone continual updates and improvements since its initial development.

The Anti Pro Goal was recently selected for FINA World Cup events, Commonwealth Games facility, South East Asian Games competition and training facilities, and other top national and international events and facilities, including being selected as Official Goal for USA Water Polo.


Apart from top national and international facilities, the Anti & SNR/JNR Goals can also be found installed at top school and club Polo facilities across Australia, and indeed the world. To date the Anti Goal is the longest and best selling Polo Goal in the world, exported to over 70 countries since 1972.

Anti Pro Goal 1080 has been also selected for top European Polo Clubs and National Level Competitions such as Roma Nuoto Club, Italy (see above image). Anti Wave Referee Polo Walkways and Complete Polo Field and Goal Setups, including Polo Ball Start Set, Official Tables, Players Benches and Inflatable Polo Back-Stops, have been selected for recent events such as 2019 FINA Mens World Junior Water Polo Championships and 2019 FINA World League Inter-continental Cup, Perth 2019.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 8.09.22 am 2Anti Wave products are designed in Australia and produced to withstand the harsh climate and conditions found in many pools around the world.

Aquatic sports are very close to our heart at Anti Wave, given our long history providing top equipment, and our own close involvement in the sport of Water Polo since the 1960’s.

We work closely with top swimming and water polo coaches, athletes and facilities for research and development to stay ahead of the game in product innovation and development.

With our long history in the provision of top performance aquatic sports, leisure, and pool programming product design and manufacture, Anti Wave is well positioned to meet the needs of a dynamic and exciting industry