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Anti Wave is proud to announce the release of the ‘Global Anti Goal’ New for 2021. Full Details available here: Click Here



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Anti Wave – top performance aquatic sports equipment.






















Anti Wave has a full range of products for competition swimming, water polo, pool deck, leisure and pool functionality. Anti Wave products are designed in Australia, produced to the highest standards and to withstand the harshest conditions, providing many years of service and enjoyment.

We work closely with top swimming and water polo teams and coaches around the world to maintain our leading edge on product design and innovation.

Our speciality is full aquatic centre fit-outs – providing highest level FINA Approved competition swimming, water polo, pool deck and pool programming equipment.

Anti Wave was the first company in the world to develop, patent and also bring the Moveable TrackStart Block System to international competition facilities around the world. The Track Start block has now become industry standard for top competition starting blocks around the world.

Our 2002 Patented Five Position Track Start System was first released for Beijing 2008 Olympics WaterCube complex, under the SuperBlock 800 model. The Track Start block enables swimmers to push on their back foot against the Moveable Wedge,which has been proven under test conditions to improve start times significantly.


The world renowned Patented Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lane features a sophisticated and unique design for maximum wave dissipation and to ensure fastest competition pool swimming times. 

MAXI Racing Lane

The Anti Wave MAXI Lane has been selected for FINA World Cup, Olympic, Commonwealth Games, and equivalent top level event facilities around the world.

Today, having undergone progressive improvements since its original ground breaking design and development, our latest and best Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lane now contribute to the fastest pools in the world, and the MAXI lanes continue to be selected by top competition and training venues around the world.

Please see our full range of products in the online Brochure below, or Scroll down to select each product category.

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