Movable Bulkhead & Submersible SwimWall System


Anti Wave Moveable FRP Bulkheads:

Multi-functionality and Programmability for every pool:

• Bulkheads suitable for FINA and other major competitive use around the world.

• Produced form 100% non-corrosive Fibreglass. SS316 Fittings.

• Precise tolerances and excellent durability and value.

  • Anti Wave Bulkheads - Since 1984
  • Anti Wave Moveable Bulkhead, Brisbane, Australia

The Anti Wave Movable Bulkhead sets the International standard for Bulkhead pool configuration and programmability.

Anti Wave has developed a high-precision corrosion resistant FRP bulkhead that successfully meets all international regulations and requirements and that has positive appeal to the swimming community.

Recent Installations include; Beijing WaterCube Faciity, China/ Launceston Aquatic Centre, Launceston, Australia/ Melbourne Aquatic Centre, Melbourne, Australia/ Singapre FINA World Cup Venue, Singapore/ 2011 South East Asian Games Venue, Indonesia.

Click here to download the Anti Wave Bulkheads Brochure Pdf.

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Anti Wave Submersible SwimWalls:

The Submersible SwimWalls provide the highest level of pool programming and flexibility at the most reasonable price.

The Anti Wave Submersible Swimwall is locked flat on the pool floor when not in use and can be raised in moments when required by introducing compressed air using supplied airlines into the bulkhead. The bulkhead is then locked into the upright position against the pool side.

The ability to span either half or all of the pool means even greater flexibility for pool programming.

The Submersible Swimwall is produced from FRP with internal buoyancy to permit manual operation using supplied air lines. Vertical walls of the bulkhead are supplied with target markings in accordance with FINA regulations.

Click here to download the Anti Wave SwimWall Brochure Pdf.

Anti Wave Submersible SwimWall