AWELTS – BackStroke Start Ledge Track Start Model (LTS)

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The Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledge LTS provides a simple and easy to use device for swimmers to perform highest performance backstroke starts in both training and competition.

Designed in close collaboration with the Australian backStroke swim team and top level Australian coaches, the ledge is simple to install and adjust by the swimmer or coach while in the pool or on the pool deck.

The Ledge locks securely into place once set, and is quickly removed from the Block when used in competition or training.

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Suitable for training and competition, the Ledge assists swimmers with the fastest possible starts by providing positive traction on the pool wall.


BackStroke Start Ledge LTS Spec Sheet

Product Description



BackStroke Start Ledge Spec Sheet

The Backstroke Start Ledge has a simple manual height adjustment.

Meets all FINA regulations, developed in consultation with Australian Backstroke Swim team members, the Ledge is simple to adjust from in the pool by the swimmer or on the pool deck by the coach.

See Specifications Tab for more details.

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The ledge attaches securely to the rear of the Block TrackStart Wedge.

The the optional 2pc Nylon Strap Holder Clips and 1pc Nylon Locating Pin may be installed to the rear of the Track Start Top Wedge via supplied SS316 Screws, recommended for regular use.

Easily Adjustable Settings: The height of the Ledge can be adjusted by the swimmer while in the pool, or the coach on pool deck. The ledge is raised or lowered into needed position by adjustment of the position of the Track Start Wedge on the block.

Fixed Settings for Events: For competition meets the Ledge may be fixed at a uniform fixed position at water level, as used at FINA WCH Event 2019.

Heavy Duty Straps: Heavy Duty nylon straps are rated to withstand even the strongest of swimmers’ starts. Load rated to 13kN.

Anti Slip Surface: Includes custom Anti-slip Traction surface which is secure and also gentle on the feet. Croc-Grip non slip tape is installed on the crucial upper edge, where most pressure is applied when using correct start techniques.

Rear of the Ledge includes custom moulded Nylon bumpers to protect Pool tiles.

Simple Manual System: Simple, trouble free manual movement ensures no moving parts to break, and reliable installation, adjustment and removal each and every time.

Quick Easy Removal from Block: During competition, the Ledge is quickly and easily removed from the Block.

FINA Compliant: The BackStroke Ledge is FINA Compliant and can be used in both training and competition.

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