AWE330a SENIOR Folding Goal FINA 1080

The Senior Folding Goal FINA 1080 is a full-sized FINA Approved competition Polo goal, dimensionally the same as the Anti Floating Goal with the added benefit that it folds flat for storage. Meets all current FINA Regulations.

Perfect for club and training facilities, where deck and storage space is limited.

Front Frame dimensions are 3000mm x 900mm.

Includes HD Long-life Black Net.

Product Description


The Senior Folding Goal FINA 1080 is a full-sized competition Polo goal, dimensionally the same as the SNR Folding Goal 750, with the added 1080 ALU Adaptor Bars, which bolt onto the rear of the Goal Floats.

The  Senior Folding Goal FINA 1080 includes the ALU 1080 Adaptor Bars, to suit the latest FINA Waterpolo Rule changes. The 1080 Adaptor Bar is fabricated from Power Coated Marine grade Aluminium, and includes attachment points for the Lane Ropes at the 1080mm lane anchor width mark.

The Senior Folding Goal FINA 1080 includes Anti Net Clip for easy net install and HD Black Long-life Net.

Comprehensive list of replacement parts available for each goal including Nets, EVA Foam Floats, Bumpers, etc.







































• Fabricated from custom powder coated aluminium extrusions and hand-laid fibreglass floats for durability.

• Front Frame dimensions are 3000mm x 900mm.

• Meets all relevant FINA and LEN competition specifications.

• Easy to erect and put down – just pull the Rear Arms out of their sockets and fold down the Front Frame onto the Float                       Panels.

• Net is Heavy Duty, polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection.

• Durable EVA closed cell foam floatation elements.

• External carry handles assist with safe and easy pool deck transportation.

• Pool edge bumpers on side of Goal prevent chipping of pool tiles and guttering.

• Open corner net configuration to reduce ball rebound.

• Anti Net Clip for easy Net Installation.

• Custom HD Black Long-life Net.

• Includes new 2015 FINA 1080mm Goal Anchor Adaptor Bar (ALU).



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