AWE71S SuperBlock 750

The Anti Wave SuperBlock 750 is a FINA Approved block suitable for training and competition facilities.

The block includes the FINA Approved Moveable Track Start and Safe Start Handles, both first showcased as used at FINA World Cup, Olympic and Commonwealth Games venues. 

The thin profile base, and smaller top is more suitable for installation where space is limited.

Optional Safestart handle.

Product Description


The Anti Wave SuperBlock 750 is a premium starting black for major competitions.

The block includes the FINA Approved Moveable Track Start and optional Safe Start Handles.

The SuperBlock 750 has a smaller base and top, better suited for installations where the deck space is limited.

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• Fibreglass construction with SS316 fittings.

• Movable Track Start (MTS) adjustable to 5 positions.

• Durable, non-slip top.

• Safe Start handles for fast starts and safety, optional.

• Back-start handles reinforced with SS316 for safety and durability.

• Suitable for Colorado Timing systems.

•’No Dive’ cover available seperately.


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AWE71S SuperBlock 750