AWE331 ANTI Pro Goal 1080

The FINA approved Anti Pro Goal 1080 is used extensively in both international and national competitions around the world. Selected for FINA World Cup Venues, Olympic Games Venues, Commonwealth Games Venues as well as National League and Local Venues across the globe.

This premium water polo goal features a powder coated aluminum frame, reinforced with fiberglass, and a tough, polypropylene net that is knotted at every intersection.  The EVA foam floats offer superior, even flotation for maximum goal stability. Small deck wheels allow the goal to be moved easily along the pool deck.

The Anti Pro Goal 1080 has a distance of 1080mm between the two lane anchor points (penalty exclusion zone) as per current FINA Polo Regulations.

Please see below Specifications for further information.

Product Description


AWE331 ANTI Pro Goal 1080

The FINA approved Anti Pro Goal sets the standard for international Water Polo competition equipment.

The Anti Pro Goal 1080 has a distance of 1080mm between Goal Anchor lines (penalty exclusion zone), consistent with current FINA POLO regulations.

The new FINA Rule changes the width of the Goal line anchor points from 750mm to 1080mm.

The Anti Pro Goal 1080 meets all current FINA regulations, and also has the existing 750mm anchor points for use with existing Water Polo field configurations, as needed.

Comprehensive list of replacement parts available for each goal including Nets, EVA Foam Floats, Bumpers, etc.

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• Fabricated from custom marine grade powder coated aluminium extrusions and hand-laid fibreglass for durability.

• All fittings are SS316. Bows connecting Frame to Floats are produced from powder coated marine grade aluminium.

• Long-Life Net is Heavy Duty, polypropylene cord, knotted at every intersection.

• Durable EVA closed cell foam floatation elements.

• Thick external carry handles assist with safe and easy pool deck transportation.

• Light weight design (46kg) enables easy 2 person pool deck movement.

• Pool Edge bumpers on side of Goal Float prevent chipping of pool tiles and guttering when installing and removing goal.

• Supplied in kit form to minimise shipping costs.

• Foam GRP protector-slides.

• Open corner net configuration to reduce ball rebound.

• Custom aluminium front frame cross section for maximum strength and lightest weight.

• Includes Lane Anchor attachment points at the 750mm and 1080mm distances for both pre and post 2015 FINA  regulations.

• Includes Net Clip for easy Net installation.




Anti Pro Goal Specs 1080 Pdf

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