AWE004 50m MAXI 150mm Racing Lane

The Patented Anti Wave MAXI 150mm Lanes are suitable for FINA and other top national and international competitions, and are world renowned for their unique Patented wave calming effect for top performance pools.

Anti Wave MAXI Lanes contribute to what have been recognised as the ‘fastest pools in the world,’ helping to create the best possible conditions for fastest swim times.

Designed in Australia, Anti Wave Racing Lanes are famous for their strong and durable original design and construction.


Product Description


Individual lane discs are assembled along SS316 cable along with the Anti Wave donut float for floatation.

The lane line is assembled with a SS316 hook on one end and the Anti Wave patented SuperTensioner on the other end for fastening and tightening to the pool lane anchor.

Anti Wave Maxi Lanes effectively dissipate the wave energy created by swimmers along the length of the interlocking lane lines and down into the water, creating a low turbidity environment for fastest swim times.

Our Patented original disc design cannot be matched for efficient design, durability and quality.

  • Anti Wave Maxing 150mm Racing Lane
  • Anti Wave MAXI Lane
  • Anti Wave MAXI 150mm dia Racing Lanes fro FINA Competition venue

Anti Wave Maxing Lane

Anti Wave MAXI Lane


















• FINA Approved Anti Wave Lanes are suitable for top pools including national and international competition venues.

• All discs and floats are made from top specification UV stabilised advanced thermoplastics.

• The SuperTensioner is produced from high density UV stabilised advanced thermoplastics.

• The Discs are uniquely designed for maximum wave absorption and to minimise water turbidity.

• Lane Rope cable is SS316 with diameter of 3.1mm and max force of 5Kn.

• Lane orders come complete and assembled with Lanes, SuperTensioner, Cable and Fittings, ready for installation into the pool.

• Lane lines are available in standard colours of Red ends 5m, with 1m White and 1m Blue sections alternating.

• FINA Multicolour available on request. Custom lengths and colours available on request.



Hi Res Images

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