News 2018

4th April 2018

Anti Wave Equipment Selected for 2018 Commonwealth Games venue, Gold Coast, Australia.

Anti Wave is proud to announce that Anti Wave competition swimming, water polo and pool deck and pool programming equipment has been selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games aquatic facility located on the Gold Coast, Australia – the Optus Aquatic Centre.

Already after the first night of Competition the Australian Womens 4x100m Freestyle team has claimed a World Record Swim time of 3:30.05, feeding off the energy of the home crowd.

Equipment selected includes Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lanes (Competition and Training Pools), SuperBlock 800 (Training pools), Lane StoReels, Lifeguard Chairs, Anti Pro Goal 1080 & Polo Fields, Backstroke Flag and Pole Sets, False Start Rope and Pole Sets, Anti Wave Moveable Bulkhead.

We wish all athletes a successful and enjoyable Games, and welcome all athletes and visitors to our beautiful Australian Gold Coast.





 2nd April 2018

Anti Wave Water Polo Equipment Selected for 2018 FINA World League Inter-continental Cup – Auckland Venue.

Anti Wave is proud to announce that Anti Wave Water Polo equipment has been selected for the 2018 FINA World League Venue in Auckland, New Zealand.

Equipment selected includes Anti Wave Pro Goals, Anti Wave Polo Fields, Game Start Sets.

We wish all athletes a successful and enjoyable competition.


26th Feb 2017 

Anti Wave Equipment Selected for 2017 South East Asian Games Venue Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anti Wave is proud to announce that Anti Wave Equipment has been selected for the 2017 South East Asian Games Venue located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Anti Wave has over 45 years experience in outfitting top performance aquatic venues around the world. Anti Wave supplied Lanes and equipment to the Munich 1972 Olympic Venue as well as the 1st World Aquatics Championships in Cali, Colombia in 1975.

Products selected include the Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lanes, Anti Wave Lane StoReels and SuperBlock 800 which features the Patented 5 Point Moveable Track Start system. Competition Water Polo equipment selected include Anti Pro Goal 1080, Competition and Training Polo Field Lines, Referee Walkways and Official Tables as well as Overflow Pool Grating TransGrate PP for both Pools in the facility.

The South East Asian Games will include 11 nations and the event runs from the 19th August until the 31st August 2017.

For information on Anti Wave equipment for your facility please contact us at or email on

Press Release Pdf download (1mb) click here

sea games 2017

MAXI Racing Lane













1st Jan 2017 

Cleopatra Sports elected as Exclusive Distributer of Anti Wave equipment in Egypt

Anti Wave is proud to announce that Dr Mohamed Abdel Karim of Cleopatra Import and Export is confirmed as the Exclusive Official distributer and representative of Anti Wave equipment in Egypt.

Cleopatra Sports has a long and demonstrated history in the provision of Aquatic Equipment to the top facilities, and Anti Wave is proud to announce our co-operation with this esteemed company in Egypt.

To purchase Authentic Anti Wave products in Egypt please contact Cleo Sports below:

Dr Mohamed Abdel Karim

Cleopatra Sport Services

Mob.: 00971551111464 |Tel.:  00201144353644









News 2016

Dec 2016 – Anti Wave Intl & Anti Wave Americas Exhibit at FINA World Aquatics Convention Windsor, Canada

Anti Wave International Exhibited at the FINA World Aquatics Convention in Windsor Canada. Anti Wave International was joined by Anti Wave Americas for the 3 day exhibition.

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29 March – Anti Wave Releases updated 2016 Polo Goal Range

Anti Wave International is proud to announce the release of our updated 2016 Polo Goal Range.

The 2016 Polo Goal range has a number of key product improvements and updates.

Please view the following Pdf for further information.

Anti Wave Polo Goal Update – 2016 Pdf


21 October 2015 – ANTI WAVE Middle East (ME) 

Anti Wave is proud to announce that local production of their world renowned range of aquatic sports and pool deck equipment has now begun in Dubai, UAE.

The Anti Wave ME facility, located in Jebel Ali UAE, is well positioned to service the Gulf states and beyond, with emphasis on the highest level of customer service and product quality.

Anti Wave equipment is now produced in a total of 8 countries on 5 continents, ensuring that the widest range of products are available to all customers.

Anti Wave performance swimming and water polo equipment comply with all current FINA regulations.

Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lanes and SuperBlock 800 (Starting Block) were approved for use at the recent FINA World Cup in Beijing Watercube, September 29-30, 2015.

Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lanes were also used recently at the FINA World Cup in Singapore, October 3-4, 2015.

Anti Wave ME

Web:, Email :


Anti Wave is pleased to announce the release of the Anti Goal 1080, designed in response to the new 2015 FINA goal anchor width rule.

Water Polo Equipment


The new FINA Rule changes the width of the Goal line anchor points from 750mm to 1080mm.

The Anti Goal 1080 meets all current FINA regulations, and also has the existing 750mm anchor points for use with existing Water Polo field configurations, as needed.

For more information please visit and download our latest 2015 Brochure.






Click here to see the SRSmith Press release.

Please contact us to discuss new Licensee opportunities of if you would like to become a reseller in your country.


Inflatable Water Polo Goals

(Pictured below – Australian Barra Girls Under 8, with Anti Wave Junior Balls and Junior Inflatable Goal)

More information available in our Brochures.

inflatable water polo

New Water Polo Balls and Polo Caps

More information available in our Brochures.

Balls Fina 2014

scaled.PoloCap gold May11


New FRP Fusion Technology Submersible SwimWall now available.

Video of the Submersible SwimWall in action is available at:


To download the Anti Wave Bulkheads Brochures


New updated Movable Floors – manual and motorized versions – available May 2014.



A full complement of Anti Wave Equipment was recently installed in Myanmar for the South East Asian Games that was held in December 2013.

Click here to download the full press release aboout the Myanmar installation of Bulkheads, Starting Blocks, Racing Lanes and other Anti Wave Equipment.

The Anti Wave SwimWall was shipped to Singapore in 2014



The Anti Wave Caddy Lane Saver provides for safe and quick removal and installation of Anti Wave swim-
ming racing lanes.

The Caddy Lane Saver is designed to be quickly installed onto the pool deck and allows for smooth and
unhindered movement of lanes that would otherwise be damaged by the sharp pool edge. The perfect way to protect your Anti Wave Racing lanes from unnecessary damage.

Click here to view the Lane Caddy

ANTI WAVE Selected for Beijing 2008 Pool

The Government of China, after a world-wide search for the best sport performance equipment available, selected Anti Wave equipment for their National Aquatic Training Centre in Beijing. The decision is a testament to the high level of product quality and workmanship of Anti Wave products.



Anti WAve has just released the new range of FOLDING Water Polo goals to provide more options for Water Polo clubs with limited space and budgets. The goals are still produced to FINA specifications and meet Anti Wave’s high standard of quality and production.

The goals provide quick and easy storage solutions for clubs and schools.

Click here to view the goals